Saturday, March 1, 2008

100 random things about me...

I've seen others do this on their blogs & thought it was such a waste of time, but... I do enjoy reading every single one I come across. Sooooo here I go! You might just learn a few things about me!

1. I've known Brandon (my husband) since I was in Kindergarten.
2. I love it when it's raining, but only if I can stay at home all day.
3. Brownies are my all time favorite dessert! Yum!
4. I have worn glasses since I was four.
5. I only wear my glasses at night after I take out my contacts.
6. I had a cat named Bandit from the time I was in Kindergarten through 1st year of college.
7. My Papa called me J.P. Willaker ever since I can remember... I miss that.
8. I am a homebody. I am perfectly content staying home all day.
9. I love teaching the Cradle Roll class at church on Sunday mornings! It gives me my baby fix!
10. I would love to run a marathon some day. Maybe I should start with a half marathon.
11. I used to be a cheerleader in high school & was captain my senior year.
12. I do not like scary movies. I get completely wigged out just seeing the previews!
13. I love to decorate my home. I am constantly re-arranging & changing the paint colors.
14. It drives me crazy not knowing how to do something creative. I drive myself crazy until I figure it out!
15. The Biggest Loser is the only show I watch on TV. I cry every time I watch it.
16. I just learned to like tomatoes this year.
17. I have AB+ blood type. It's pretty rare.
18. I like to sing in the shower.
19. I cracked my head open when a toy piano fell on me as a child. It still hurts there.
20. I taught Kindergarten at the same elementary school I went to as a child.
21. I love doing random acts of kindness for people. I'm working on one now and feel so good about it. I have a feeling it will help her through a hard time right now in her life. I only know her through emails & she has blessed me so much!
22. I have a huge birthmark on my left leg. It's all splotchy & gets darker when I'm tan.
23. I get freaked out when I'm around fish. I'm so scared of all creatures that swim in water.
24. I don't eat fish because of that. I haven't even tasted it. Never have... never will.
25. I can roll my bottom eyelids under & look like Tammie Faye Baker.
26. I love to take pictures, but need to learn how to use my camera better.
27. I am part Native American. I even have a tribal ID card.
28. I love the way it smells just before it starts to rain.
29. I made the curtains in my dining & living room.
30. I love getting good mail (notes from friends & family). It just makes my day!
31. I like to run.
32. I am a cat person more than a dog person. Sorry, Maggie. I still love you.
33. I think it would be cool to be a personal trainer and help people reach their goals, but I don't think it's something I will ever do.
34. I would love to live in a house that had a lot of land around it.
35. I had braces when I was in junior high.
36. Pink is my favorite color.
37. I often worry what others will think of what I do or say.
38. My mind is constantly thinking of things. I have so many ideas spinning in there all the time!
39. I have been told by many people that I am creative.
40. I love Diet Dr. Pepper & Diet Mountain Dew!
41. I am a major sheet snob. They must be 500 thread count or higher. This is only on my bed at home (not when I'm visiting you :)
42. I am a little jealous that my daughter, Payton can play the piano & I can't.
43. I wish I was better at keeping in touch with people.
44. I always had a perm in my hair when growing up.
45. I'm not a big fan of the phone... I'm not sure why. I just don't like to talk on the phone.
46. I love my hot pink Mac book!
47. I still sit in any room & think my husband is the best looking man there.
48. I love peppermint milkshakes from Braums.
49. I always have a nice scented candle burning.
50. Halfway there!
51. I have a very hard time going to sleep. My brain just doesn't want to stop! Thank you Tylenol P.M.
52. I'm a people watcher.
53. I would love to learn how to quilt. It would be neat to pass down to my children & grandchildren.
54. I love to watch my girls playing together.
55. I worked for a professional photographer in while in college.
56. I purchased my own car for myself when I was a senior in high school.
57. Being a mom is hard for me and easy for me.
58. I love to look at fabric. I have to touch it when I look at it.
59. I hope I'm a good friend. I know I could always do more to be better.
60. It is awesome being Brandon's wife!
61. I like dill pickles.
62. I love the fact that I use all natural cleaners in my home now.
63. I have been slowly switching to organic foods when possible. Gosh, it's expensive though!
64. My biggest fear is my children getting really, really sick... been there, done that. Not fun!
65. I am trying not to be such of a pack rat. I have been getting rid of things that I don't need & feel lighter because of it.
66. I love to have friends over, but don't very often.
67. I feel safe from the world when I'm in my warm cozy home.
68. I like giving to our church & need to work on giving more.
69. I love having 2 little girls. I just get giddy thinking about it!
70. I like getting pedicures. I feel like I'm polished from head to toe, instead of just toes.
71. I like welcome signs on front doors.
72. I have A.D.D. but stopped taking taking the meds for it 2 years ago. I'm trying to work through it on my own.
80. I love it that Payton's birthday is on December 25th.
81. I am addicted to Presley's giggle!
82. I have started recycling and feel really good about it.
83. Fall & Spring are my favorite seasons.
84. I want to go to Paris with Brandon someday.
85. I love the simple things in life.
86. I love the Lord!
87. I had pigs & horses when I was growing up.
88. I ran over a dog by accident when I was in high school & I still feel sad when I think about it. Brandon had to bury it.
89. What number am I on? I love to have smooth legs. I shave them every day. Having hairy legs drives me crazy!
90. I do not like to play cards.
91. I have a hard time keeping in laughs when I'm supposed to be quiet. It's the hardest thing to do!
92. Our family calls the vacuum cleaner the Noo Noo.
93. I have sent out Christmas cards every year since we have been married.
94. I love to take long, hot baths.
95. I'm a lotion freak. I have to put it on every night.
96. Brandon & I had a beautiful wedding.
97. I'm almost done!
98. I wish I had a tons & tons of friends.
99. I like to wash clothes & fold them... I just don't like the putting away part. Thank goodness for daughters! hehehe!
100. I love life!

Are we similar at all??? Will you make a 100 things list too?


Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

Hey, Jill.

I loved reading this! I feel like I know you better already!

Count me in as one of those friends!

~ Jill

Brandon said...

Wow...Even I learned a few things about you.


Skelty said...

I don't think I have 100 things. I like smooth legs too, I just get tired of shaving mine all the time!

Jenn said...

I LOVE your list!!! I could almost totally copy your list and put it on my blog...The fish thing...oh, me too! That is the reason I don't enjoy eating at Red Lobster...all they have is fish and creatures that are in the water with fish!!
I'll get on my list tonight or tomorrow. No fever today for Grace...yippee!!!

Joy B. said...

OK, so a friend tagged me to do this a while back with fewer but longer I paraphrased her request because I liked yours my friend does too! I love your list, it helped me get mine started.
Hope you don't mind.
I love your blog!