Thursday, October 18, 2007

Giving softball a try!

Payton started playing on a softball team this fall! Softball is very new to us... Payton has played soccer every season since she was 4, but wanted to give softball a try. She went to LD Bell's softball camp this summer & loved it! Ray Fuller, the head girl's softball coach at LD Bell did a wonderful job with all of the girls! It is a very organized & fun camp for the girls! I'm sure Payton will be going again next summer!

Not only is Payton playing on the team, WE ARE ALL INVOLVED!!! Brandon is helping our good friend, Gene Paul coach & I am the dugout coach. (I have a new respect for all of those moms out there who have done this job... it is HARD work getting everyone organized & ready to bat in order with helmets on & not to mention getting all of the catching gear on the girls) Even Miss Presley is a part of the team! She is the cutest little bat girl you have ever seen!!! I just crack up every time I see her run to get the bat in her yellow helmet that is about 8 sizes too big for her. She has to hold it on her head when she runs! TOO CUTE!!!!


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