Friday, November 9, 2007

Duck Hunting Fever!

My hubby has found yet another hobby... duck hunting! He has hunted many other animals & birds, but recently fell in love with duck hunting. Thanks to our friend Larry for introducing him to yet another form of hunting!!! LOL! The guys say that Deanna (Larry's wife) & I just don't understand why they love hunting soooo much! They are right, I don't! Okay...this is how obsessed Brandon is with it. He comes in from work a couple of nights ago carrying in these huge boxes with the biggest smile on his face! He then opens them up & there are duck decoys EVERYWHERE! I just started cracking up at him, he was like a kid in a candy store. I really started cracking up more when I walked back in the room a little bit later and Presley is his little helper unwrapping each one and sorting them out on the floor according to gender. Brandon then proceeded to spend over two hours tying string & weights to each one of the ducks. I had to snap a few pics of the mad chaos in our family room! Oh the joys of being the wife of a hunter! I love you anyways Babe!

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Anonymous said...

WTG Brandon!!! Men of America should spend more time killing animals rather than honey do's.