Friday, November 16, 2007

It's Birthday Time!

Lots and lots of birthday's in our family this month! My sister in law's is on the 5th, my mom's is on the 15th, my sister's is on the 17th & my father in law's is on the 19th! Busy, busy! Happy Birthday to all of you! And let the countdown begin... mine is on Dec. 4th!

Below is one of the pictures I took of the girls at the lake this past weekend!


Anonymous said...

Good grief're going to be a shopping woman this month!!!!! Not to mention Christmas as well!!! Hope all is well with you and yours. The girls are growing so big! Rob (my husband) has been an avid duck hunter for 25 years! We're big into Ducks Unlimited up here with him being on the committee. Take care sweetie!! I need to go back online to look for some more bows.
-nikki godfrey-hill

Jill said...

Hey Nikki~ We are all doing great! Brandon is crazy about duck hunting right now... I think he may be going again in the morning! I need to add some new bow styles I have been working on to the website. Take Care!