Thursday, December 27, 2007


Waking up on the morning after Santa came! They ran to their stockings to see what Santa had left for them!

Singing Happy Birthday to Payton at midnight at Granny Luker's house!

Miss Payton's Birthday Breakfast! We didn't have 9 candles so we used matches & set off the smoke alarm!

Brandon got a gift card from his favorite store in the world... Cabela's!

The night before Santa came to visit!

The girls left Santa a reindeer cookie & a glass of milk along with a note!

Christmas was absolutely wonderful! We started with Christmas at my mom's on the 22nd. My sister & brother and their families were there to eat & open gifts. Everyone had a great time! We woke up the next morning & drove to Brandon's parents to go to church with them & then went out to lunch and came back to their house to open presents. The girls had a great time opening along with their cousins! We then had tons of tasty snack foods that MeMe prepared! Yum! The next morning, the 24th, we were back at our house & woke up to find that Santa had come!!! He ate his cookies & drank most of his milk and wrote a letter for the girls & left it beside the one that they had written! He brought Presley a boy Baby Alive doll & a Nintendo DS game. He left Payton a pair of Moon Shoes & a game for her Wii. Just what they had asked him for!!! The stockings were filled...Santa even left goodies for Maggie (a plush duck toy & 2 yummy dog bones) & Jack ( a catnip mouse toy & cat treats). The girls opened from us too! It was a wonderful morning seeing the girls so happy! Brandon got an 80g black ipod from me & I got a beautiful Brighton watch with crystals all around it, a too cute for words black fur vest (thanks June for giving Brandon the idea!!) & great smelling bath & body stuff from Brandon! After we finished Christmas at our house we loaded up in the car & headed for McAlester, OK to go to Brandon's grandmother's house. We had a Christmas feast for dinner & then opened up gifts. We then played the annual Dirty Santa game which was sooo much fun! There are some pretty corny gifts that have appeared over the years. This year I made a goofy calendar of our family & Brandon's grandma! I used the distorted photo booth pictures we took on my Mac to make it. It turned out pretty funny! The kids all slept on Granny Lukers living room floor & we all stayed up until midnight to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Payton!!! Her birthday is on Christmas! Brandon's grandma was too funny, she said "In all of my 85 years, I've never stayed up until midnight & sang happy birthday to someone!" She took pictures of Payton after we was a sweet moment, a great grandmother singing to her sweet great granddaughter on her birthday. final Christmas. This one took place on the the 25th at Brandon's aunt's house on his dad's side of the family. It was fun to see family that we have not seen in a while! Whew! Now we are back home & can rest... Oh wait, we can rest AFTER we get the piles & piles of gifts & toys unboxed and put away!!!


shelley said...

What a nice, fun, sick free Christmas. I am jealous.

nattyrebel said...

we live in different piece of world but the love is the same, isn´t it so amazing??