Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Life is good!

It's been a few days since I have updated and a lot has happend since then! I had a wonderful birthday on the 4th. I spent the day shopping & Brandon had someone else teach his night class so our family could celebrate together. We went to Olive Garden for dinner (I love Italian!) & then went to Garden Ridge to pick out new Christmas garland for my mantle. Sooo pretty...I'll have to take pictures of it & my new tree for you to see! Brandon got me the most beautiful bag I have ever laid eyes on for my birthday! Love, love, love it!

Now on to other great news! I reached my goal weight last Thursday!!! Is there any better birthday gift I could give myself? It was perfect for me to reach my goal the week of my birthday! All of the dedication, hard work at the gym, healthy meal planning & sacrifices are all worth it now. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of me (actually it has...almost 40 pounds!) It is a great feeling to remember back a year ago when I was gasping for air after trying to run a couple of minutes & can now run 5 miles with ease! I love that I have the energy to be active with my kids & set a good example for my sweet, beautiful girls. I love how every time Payton hugs me she says "Wow Mom, You're getting skinny!" I love how Brandon tells me a hundred times a day that he's so proud of me & knew that I could do it. I love how I love to go to the gym & work out...who would have thought??? Hmm...scary. But, most importantly, I love that I am healthy! It's so nice to type in my weight on the dreaded BMI scale & it say "within normal range". Woo Hoo!!! Now off to the gym I go!


shelley wolfe said...

Hey! Happy Late Birthday and congratulations on your success.

Anonymous said...

No kidding!! That is awesome. I am inspired by your hard work & success. Congrats!

Jenn said...

Okay Jill...That is soooo great!! You make me want to go to the gym now....if I could only get my little one's nose to stop running so that they will let him in the daycare!! Congrats on your birthday success!!!