Saturday, December 1, 2007


I know, I'm way late posting Thanksgiving pictures! We spent the night before making Turkey cookies. The girls had a lot of fun assembling them! I think Payton ate more parts than she put on the turkeys! They did a great job & the turkeys looked adorable! We spent Thanksgiving at Brandon's parents house. It was a great spending the day with his parents and his grandmother. She was in town for a couple of weeks & the girls enjoyed spending the day with her. Lunch was delicious! There was way too much food! I did indulge in a piece of Granny Luker's pumpkin pie & then went for a long run outside that afternoon! (My knee is much better now, so I have been able to start running again!) I've added a few pictures of our Thanksgiving!

Turkey Cookies!

The girls had fun with the wishbone!

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