Friday, January 4, 2008

Date Night!

Last Friday night Brandon & I were surprised by a last minute babysitting offer from our niece who was in town! We took advantage of the offer & dropped the girls off and headed to downtown Fort Worth to eat dinner at the Reata. Payton took the photo of us right before we left. Dinner was great... nice and relaxing! It was so nice to take our time eating our salads & entree's without shoveling it in as fast as possible. We usually have to do this to get in and out as soon as possible! With small kiddos, you never know how long you have before a meltdown occurs! After dinner we took our time looking in the neat little shops that are all over downtown. It was so much fun! We then headed to Braums to get peppermint milkshakes (our favorite!) I didn't want dessert at the restaurant... Brandon thought I was crazy, but I had my heart set on that peppermint milkshake!!! Brandon & I need to get out alone more often. It was a perfect night spent with my best friend!


Kelly said...

Hey there! I got your comment...
I am so glad you are making headers now. It's addictive... you will want to change it all the time! :)

As far as the patterns down the sides... I actually go in and change/add the HTML codes to make it work. Hope that helps!

shelley said...

Sounds like fun. Jason and I went for my birthday in August. Real nice food, Clark!!