Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yes, we are out of the stone age!

Ode to the Fridge

Although you were old & white,
You kept fighting with all your might.
You were able to chill the rice,
You just fell short of making the all important ice...
so we had to replace you
with one that is shiny & brand new.

Out with the old...

& in with the NEW!!!
My hubby has already posted about this, but it is so exciting! (for our family anyway) We have a brand new, beautiful fridge now! It's sooooo nice not having to fill & dump ice cube trays... I think we were the only family in the state of Texas who still had ice cube trays! I took a before and after picture so you could appreciate the beauty first hand! This story will show you how excited even the youngest member of our family was... Presley came home from preschool last Tuesday & told me that she told her friend that she got a new "frigelator" & that her friend wasn't excited. Presley was pretty bummed about this... I told her that it was ok & not everyone gets as excited about new refrigerators as our crazy family!

A few other random things that have happened:
  • I went to weigh in last Thursday & had lost 1.8 pounds! I go back tomorrow & will become an official WW Lifetime member since I have maintained my goal (or lost some) weight for 6 straight weeks! Now I will only be required to go in once a month to see how I am doing maintaining. I do want to lose a tad bit more though!
  • Payton's Battle of the Books competition is coming up on January 30! She has been working hard at her after school practices & is getting excited!
  • Our Small Group Church meetings have been going great! We had it at our house last Sunday night. It has been wonderful for our family so far & can't wait until our next meeting! Brandon is really enjoying leading our group. He has a gift of leading/teaching & is doing an awesome job! I'm so proud of you baby!
  • A couple of nights ago, I walked into our bedroom & found Payton reading to Presley. She read to her for over an hour. What a precious sight!

Payton reading to Miss Priss

Today I opened up a brand spankin' new jar of peanut butter & couldn't resist writing in it!
Presley was laughing & giggling the entire time! We had to take a picture for Payton to see since she was at school!


Amy said...

Don't worry, you weren't the only ones using ice trays. We HAD the ice and water in the door, but it's broken. So now we are the only ones left. Thanks a lot.:( ha ha! It's #2 on my list of big purchases. #1 is a new couch.

Jenn said...

Yippe!! I am sooo happy for ya'll and all of the exciting things that are happening around the house! I'm so nervous about the competition...I wasn't until this week and then someone said that their whole family was going to go because it was so big....YIKES! Do I need to call in the grandparents?? Help, we are rookies!!
Love the fridge, by the way!!

Kelly said...

Isn't it funny how it makes your kitchen look SO different. Ice makers are a beautiful thing!

Congrats on the weight loss & on becoming a lifetime memember. That is such an accomplishment. You are an inspiration to us all!! :)