Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Break Fun Day

Our family had big plans to head to the Zoo on Thursday, but it was WAY too crowded!!! So we decided that Plan B would be the Kid's Museum... It was closed for renovations. The girls were beginning to think we were going on a scavenger hunt to find the fun thing they were going to get to do that day! It turned out that part of the Kid's Museum is now in the Cowgirl Museum. We headed there as a last resort. The kids ended up having a BLAST there!!!

They did an arts & crafts project.

They saw a dinosaur.

We found out that Miss Presley is a champion cup stacker!!!
Oh my goodness, she's good!

Major concentration...

It's taller than she is!

Time to knock them all down!
Do I have to pick up all of these???

The girls played with every kind of toy there!
My sweet family...

I think the highlight of their day (& Brandon's) was the rocket shooting outside! They made a rocket & got to shoot it on these cool homemade rocket shooters! The shooter was made from empty 2 liter pop bottles, a board, & some hose. You jump on the 2 liter bottle to shoot the rocket. Too cool! It was a beautiful day & we stayed out there a LONG time shooting the rocket over and over again!

Filling up the pop bottle with air.

Brandon had to help Miss Priss hop on the bottle!

What a fun day! We were all so glad that the zoo was too crowded! Brandon is going to have to build one of these rocket shooters!

We did these videos upstairs at the Cowgirl Museum. They turned out tooooo cute!

Cowgirl Presley!

Cowgirl Payton!


Jenn said...

Those videos are sooo cute! I love it how had that they are "riding"...I'm glad that ya'll had a fun time!!!

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

Ok - who knew??? This looks like so much fun! Thanks for the great tip!