Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten!!!

Presley's school dress that she wore to church yesterday!

Today was Miss Presley's first day of Kindergarten! She has been looking forward to this day for weeks. She is going to do great at big kid school... I think she was born to go to school! I held it together while I was at the school, but I did cry a little when I got back home. The tears started rolling as I wrote my letter to her. I write a letter to them after I drop them off at kindergarten for the first time... just something special for them to have when they are grown up.

She was so funny once we got into the classroom. She was acting so big! Her teacher, Mrs. Briggs is so wonderful with the kids. Mrs. Briggs is a great friend of mine. We taught Kindergarten together at North Ridge Elem. before I started staying home. She has known Presley since she was born, so it's perfect that she is her teacher! Mrs. Briggs had all of the kids put their backpack up and go & sit on the rug and pick out a book to look at. I went to give her a goodbye hug & kiss and Presley wanted no part of the kiss business, which crumbled my heart a little, but she is in big kid school now!

I can't wait until 2:25 when I get to go & pick her up and hear all about her special first day of Kindergarten!

Payton started 4th Grade this year!!! She is an old pro at the whole school thing, but I had to take some pictures to document the day... I'm one of those moms who do that!

She never looked back at me... she's a big girl at big kid school now.  She's going to do great!

Looking at books... again, not even a glance at Mommy!

Presley's classroom looks like so much fun!

My sweet girls!

"Let's go!  Let's go!!!!!!!"

Payton & Mrs. Jackson

Presley & Mrs. Briggs

Eating her kindergarten breakfast

I know that both of them are going to have wonderful first days & will make many new friends today!


Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

What a big day this was for y'all and your daughter looked so adorable!

Shana said...

Oh man..looks like we were in the same boat today! I hope that both of your girls had a wonderful first day of school! Their pictures are precious!

Nikki said...

Her first day of school on my's an omen for a great year!!!! Her classroom floor is so shiny, I could see myself in it!

Jenn said...

I know she had a great day!! I love the picture of the 3 of you girls...all matching and ready for a super day!!

kj said...

Girl....I had to leave a comment! My oldest started kindergarten too. You have to read thru my blog and find "Journal Journey!" If you can read it an not're stronger than me! I'm adding you to my page! ~Karyn Utley Johnson