Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday!

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

I am back this week with my list!  Visit my friend, XBOX Wife to find out how you can add your thankful list too!

  1. My health.  I found a lump, my doctor confirmed the lump, went two days later for a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound imaging... and no cancer was found!  This was a very stressful few days for Brandon & me!  The lump is just excess normal tissue that is raised to form a lump.  Thank you God!
  2. The rest are the everyday little things that make me happy!  country music
  3. crafting
  4. the feeling of "I did it!" after a great run
  5. my cat's purr (he's laying right next to me)
  6. fall weather
  7. good hair days
  8. brownies
  9. my girls playing together
  10. a clean house


The Aspenberg Family said...

Praise God there was nothing in the lump! I too had a similar expeirence i have a lump in my left breast, went to the doctor and she feel's its nothing! Praise the Lord though!!! Praying for you and your family!

HisFireFly said...

Thank you Lord for Your healing touches! Lovely list, it's great to thank Him for the little things.

Nikki said...

God is good and Good is God, Amen for the cancer-free report girl!!! Good Hair Days, I hear ya. Since mine is super short and spikey, I have great hair days everyday!!!

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

Oh, Jill! I am so happy that God answered your prayers! So thankful that you're healthy and to have you as my friend! Wish I got to see you more these days!

Brianne Skidmore said...

Hi, Jill. I may sound clueless, but, I'm not sure how big my header is because someone designed it for me, but, if you are having trouble stretching yours, make sure that you un-select the 'shrink to fit' choice on the screen where you insert your header. (That's if you are using a blogger layout) Let me know if I can help you any more.

Brianne Skidmore said...

ok- I found it. It is 971x214. Hopefully that helps.

Shana said...

Hi Jill!
I am so glad that everything looked fine with the lump. Praise God! I might need your help with designing a blog for our children's ministry. I told the children's minister that I would get one started if she wants me to and then she can take over from there if she wants...or I will keep it up..whatever she wants me to do. Be thinking of a cute design and verse that we can use.