Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm still alive... really, I am!

Hi friends!  Long time no post... I know, I know.  I have some goodies to give a way today though!  My friend, Jenn is paying it forward & I am too!  I hear she makes a mean cake!  The first two people that leave me a comment on this post will get a free hair bow!  You tell me the size & color and I will make it for you!  I will even mail it to you if you do not live close!  

Have a great day!


Deanna said...

OK seriously. I have been waiting for a post about how happy you are to be staying in TX. But I am glad to know that you are still alive! And Lily can always use another new bow!

Allison said...

OHHH, I love your bows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nikki said...

Okay, I'm the 3rd comment, oh bow for me. But seriously, I've missed you Texas friend!! Glad to see you're back on here. Hope to hear from you soon!!

Jenn said...

I'll get you your cake made when we get home, girlie!! I love the halloween pictures!