Saturday, November 8, 2008

A blog award!

My friend, Jenn nominated me for a blog award!  She actually did this a while back and forgot to write about it UNTIL a few minutes ago when she rang my doorbell and surprised me with one of her awesome sour cream cakes!  She was paying it forward for a sweet gift that a friend sent her and I paid it forward to Deanna & Allison with hair bows!  

Jennifer is a great friend who has the energy of a 5 year old... she just keeps on going!  Wish I had half of her energy!  She is a wonderful mother to her three precious children and everyone who knows her loves her.  Thanks for the award Jenn!

To accept the award, I must now pass the award on to 4 other bloggers and they must pass it on to 4 more!  Here's my four!

  1. Karyn - I love reading about her two sweet little girls!  I went to church with Karyn in Oklahoma as a child.
  2. Shelley - Shelley is a good friend of mine.  This girl & her blogging topics really crack me up!  You never know what to expect on her blog.  I'm hoping that this will inspire her to start posting again!
  3. Nikki - I only know Nikki through bow orders & blogland but I love reading what she has to say!
  4. Jennifer S. - She is also a good friend who needs to be posting more, so maybe this will inspire her to post more often!


Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Well congrats on your award! Your blog looks so fun and charming, I am not surprised! :)

Nikki said... sweet! Thanks and I will pass it on and pay it forward as well girl!! Toodles!

Jenn said...

Oh, you are so sweet, Jill!

kj said...

Ahhhhh Thanks!!! Now I feel like I have to put some thought into these blogs if I can win cool picture ribbons! That rocks!!! ; )

Thanks again, and I love keeping up with your sweet girls too.