Thursday, January 29, 2009

Craft it forward!!!

Many of you know that crafting is one of my favorite things to do!  A few days ago I stumbled across a fun new blog {Craft Addict}.  She is having a craft it forward give away.  You can click on the link above to read all about it.  I was one of the first 3 people to leave a comment on her post so I will be getting a fun surprise package in the mail!!!  Woo Hoo!!! 

For those of you who would like to play along with me...  be one of the first three to leave a comment!  Those lucky 3 ladies will receive a handmade gift from me!  I'm not sure what it will be yet... but it will be good!  You can still play along, even if you are not one of my first 3.

The only catch is that you have to Craft it Forward too!  You will have to make a post on your blog & do the same thing I did.  You will have 30 days to make & ship your gift.  It will be fun!

Also when you receive your gift, write a post about what you got!  We all want to see what everyone gets!  It's always fun getting a surprise in the mail!

Ready, set, comment!!!!!


Deanna said...

OK Jill, I'll play! I have no idea how I will craft it forward though. At least I will have a little bit of time to think about it!

Lorie Thompson said...

How fun! I don't have a blog, so I can't play...but I still want to see what you make. Be sure to post it...I could use some inspiration!!

Brandon said...

OK...I will be your third.

Uh, never mind. I can't pay it forward.
Love Ya!

Jill said...

Woo Hoo Deanna & Lorie! I don't care if you have a blog or not Lorie... You can play too! Just pick 3 people to craft it forward to.

Brandon... You are soooo right. You would have no earthly idea how to craft it forward! I love you, but you are NOT the crafty type!!!

Stephanie said...

I want to play! I found your blog by surfing. Did I make it in time?

Deanna said...

Yeah me! Uh-oh, now I have to figure out how to do the linky thing! I may have to call you for help.