Wednesday, January 30, 2008

1st Place at Battle of the Books Competition!!!!!

The 1st Place Longhorns!
Woo Hoo!!!!!!!! Well we just got home from the competition & North Ridge won! Congratulations to the North Ridge Elementary Longhorns on winning 1st place for the second year in a row at the Battle of the Books competition! I am so proud of you Payton! Can you tell that I am EXCITED??? Let me tell you, this was a nail close. Our sweet friend Grace from church was on the 2nd place team, the Green Valley Gators! I thought that they were going to take first place until the very last minute of the competition. I am very proud of both of these smart little ladies!

After the competition, the school treated the team to lunch at Cici's Pizza. The team had a great time! After eating they got to head back to campus to parade in with their huge trophy! Then they got say their names and announce (more like scream) that they won over the school speakers to the entire school! How cool is that?

There were 21 elementary schools there competing which is amazing to see first hand. I leaned over to Brandon & whispered..."That's a bunch of smart kids down there!" It was an amazing morning & I don't think I've come down off of the "high" yet!

I love this picture... I think she was praying for the right answer!

There were 21 schools competing. I couldn't even fit all of them in the picture!

Way to go North Ridge Longhorns!!!

We are so proud of you Payton!

Grace & Payton! You two rock!


Jenn said...

This is great!!! I love it...go Legacy...1st and 2nd place!! Payton was just so down there looking ever so smart! I didn't know that they won last year, cool!!!

Skelty said...

Way to go Payton!!!!

Jenn said...

I talked to Kipi on the phone this morning and she would LOVE for you to send her the pic of Grace and Payton together for the newsletter!!

My name is Shelley Suzanne said...

Congrats to Payton. I wish Maddie's school had something like that. They don't that I know of. I know I said I cannot read your blog anymore, but I am a stalker. I just have to turn down my speakers. I will explain later. oh by the way, I almost ate the whole box of those rice cake things driving home from WalMart.They are sooooo good.

Jill said...

I will send Kipi the pic right away Jenn! Shelley, Okay, ok... The music is off. I'm such a good friend, right?

Jenn said...

Hey Jill, a group of us girls are going to the movies tomorrow night @ 9:25, do you wanna come? We are going to the Chick flick, 27 dresses?? Tinseltown in Grapevine, 9:25, be there!