Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's 10 thing Tuesday time!

It's Tuesday again & xbox wife has challenged us to think of 10 things we are thankful for that has happened to us today. Here I go:

1. Payton & Presley's sweet friend, Maddie is getting to come home from the hospital today!!!
2. The sun is shining & it is a beautiful day!
3. I got my nails done!
4. Presley was so excited to deliver her pictures she colored to her teachers this morning!
5. I had a great workout at the gym & was able to lift heavier weights!
6. My hunka hunka husband met me at the gym! I'm soooo thankful I got to see him in the middle of the day!
7. Payton & her team were recognized last night at her school's PTA program for winning 1st place at the Battle of the Books competition.
8. I was able to drive around town with my windows DOWN running errands today!
9. Each member of my family is healthy.
10. My laundry is done for the day!


Jenn said...

We are sooooo thankful for #1, too!!!That is so neat that they honored Payton and the rest of the team like that...how very special! I turned off the key in the pickup line and rolled down the windows, too...it feels amazing outside....
I really like this Tuesday, stuff!!

Anonymous said...

You've made me begin this in my school as a weekly Tuesday inner-district e-mail. I love writing it and I think people like to read something positive for a change!! How inspiring...even 10 states away in SC!

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

Ok - that is so cool what "Nikki" said! I hope they'll start joining in the link-up!

Great list, Jill!