Monday, June 2, 2008

Busy, eventful weekend!

We started our weekend by going to the Ranger's game on Friday evening. Payton treated our family to awesome tickets! Birdville ISD's winning team for the Battle of the Books competition received Rangers tickets for their entire family. Thanks Payton! We were on the 13th row and had a fun time!

On Saturday evening Payton & Presley went with their cousins to Lewisville to visit Meme & Papa. Brandon & I got to have another date night! We did a little shopping & went out for dinner.

Sunday was the BIG day. We woke up, went to church and came back home to eat and Nana, Meme & Papa came over to go to Payton's piano recital. About 15 minutes before we had to be at the recital, Miss Presley comes to me screaming & holding her arm. She is crying & screaming so much that I can't understand what had happened. I had stepped out of the room for a second when she got hurt. Everyone else was in the room, but wasn't sure what had happened to her. She said that she was rolling around on the floor & hurt her arm. She later told us that she was acting silly & doing a trick. It is now time to leave for the recital & she can't move her fingers or arm & is freaking out!!! I am freaking out too at this point! Everyone is in agreement that we need to take her to the emergency room to have her arm x-rayed. I want to hear Payton at the recital, but I also want to be with my baby who is in lots of pain... I start crying because she is in so much pain & I am being pulled in two different directions. Since it is now past time to leave, I head out with Payton, Meme & Nana to the recital & Brandon & Papa take Presley to the ER.

I am fighting back the tears all the way there and am worried about my baby. We get to the recital & they tell me it does not start for 30 minutes. It starts at 1:30 instead of 1:00! What?!! Luckily there were two different recitals & her teacher was able to bump us back to the next recital which started at 3:30. Yes!!! I had two more hours to be with Presley... so off we head to the hospital! They do the x-ray & it is not broken! It is just strained & bruised, basically just soft tissue damage. They gave her a sling that she has to wear for 5 days & we will continue to ice it and give her pain meds.

After we spent a few hours at the ER, it was now time to head to the recital! We all load up & get there just in time to hear Payton play her magic. She did a fantastic job & both pieces sounded beautiful! I am so proud of how much she has learned in just 11 months of taking lessons!

We got home from the recital just in time to change clothes & head back out the door for our church small group meeting. After we got home, Miss Presley said "I'm ready to take a nap now." We gave her another dose of Motrin & hoped that she would sleep well... She didn't! She woke up several times crying saying that it was hurting & then got in our bed around 1:00 and woke up several more times crying and hurting. Poor little thing! Let's just say that we are all exhausted around here today! It's almost nap time for all of us!

Whew! I hope we have a calm & quiet next few days!!!

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Jenn said...

Oh my word!! Ya'll have been busy! Poor Presley, that just sounds like no fun for her and the arm. Bless her little heart! We went to the Ranger's game last night and had a blast, too! We love ballgame nights!