Saturday, May 16, 2009

Update on the triplets!

I haven't posted in a while about our neighbor's triplets.  They are doing GREAT and getting bigger & stronger every day!  They are now 12 weeks old and Olivia has been home now for a week!  Praise God!

I got to go to the hospital and see the girls last week, just before Olivia was able to come home. I just cried... they are so beautiful and are perfect examples of the power of prayer!  God is good!  

Elia and Bianca should be able to come home soon.  Presley & Payton were excited that they got to go & see Olivia once she came home.  I have included a new picture of the girls.  Please remember to pray for them!

From left to right:  Bianca, Elia & Olivia

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