Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dining Room

Show Us Where You Live Friday!!!  Click on the picture above to go to Kelly's blog.  You will find MANY more dining rooms to view!

I'm soooo sorry, but my camera battery is dead.... I will have to use some older pictures & you will have to get out your reading glasses!  You can see most of the dining room from this picture.  I made the curtains to match the ones in the formal living area.  It's really bugging me that the lamp cord is showing and is not tucked behind the curtain, but oh well... I can't take another picture because of the camera battery!!!

We purchased our dining room table & chairs when we moved in our house 9 years ago.  I love them!!  The fruit topiary things are no longer on the buffet.  I have the lamps on there as seen in the first picture.

Brandon & I got the buffet at an antique store while on an anniversary trip a couple of years ago!  Love the green!  There you go... short & sweet!


Sugar's Mommy said...

I really like the buffet. I like pieces like that. It has character. Ha.

annalee said...

BEAUTIFUL home, and I'm sure your classroom is just ADORABLE! that is incredible you are at the same school 7 years later. i love that. thanks for entering the contest, i'd love to still cut some letters for you. check out the blog for details!

annalee said...

WHOA, you have had quite the beginning to the school year! Email me at annaleemccord at yahoo dot com as to exactly what you want your letters to spell and what color paper, and I will send them your way. You definitely need a treat for all that's been going on!!