Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Payton's new room!

We are in the process of having custom bedding made for Payton's bedroom! I am soooo excited about this! I LOVE anything and everything about home decorating! Her walls have been painted for a little while now, but I wasn't happy with the bedding we settled on. Her room used to be done in pinks, yellows, purples & light greens. She is getting big on me & wanted a more grown up look.

Here are the fabrics that are going to be used to make her quilt. I'm really happy with the color combination of all of them. They all came from from different fabric shops... mixing & matching is fun! Her window valance is going to be the brown paisley pattern with a bottom border of the light aqua with tiny brown dots with a row of brown pom poms at the bottom. Her pillows are going to be a fun combination of all of the fabrics! I love the minky chenille!

This is her old lamp that I painted brown. I decorated the shade using scrapbook paper & added the fun brown dot ribbon & the funky brown fringe.

This is a picture that I found that I fell in love with! It has the same ribbon that
I have used on many of the accents. It reads "KINDNESS speak kind words, receive kind echoes". It is
mounted behind glass.

This is the color of her walls. The bottom below the molding is the same brown from
the fabrics. The top is a pretty light aqua blue. I'm not sure if I like the middle between
the moldings. I may redo it with a paisley paint job! I painted the little wooden box brown & used scrapbook paper & ribbon to decorate it.

This is a wooden frame that I also decorated using paint, scrapbook paper
& ribbon. I know, I know she's High School Musical crazy! Her cousin took the picture
of him at Disneyland at a parade.

I am getting really excited to see the finished project! I will post an "after" picture of her completed room when we get everything in! Let me know if you have any fun suggestions... I'm open to any ideas and would LOVE to hear them!


Danna Ramsey said...

Love this! I'm going to tell my friend Barrett to stop by, she's good at stuff like this, too. (I'm so not!) To answer your question, a running class slowly builds you up to a consistent run. For example: the first week you run one min., walk four, for an hour. Right now we are running five, walking one. We are phasing out the walking parts. It's helped me so much, by building up a little endurance. :-) Oh, what brown paint did you use?

Jill said...

Thanks Danna! Send her my way! The brown color is named Soul Chocolate by Valspar at Lowes.

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

This is so cute! I keep being amazed by your creativity!

Jenn said...

These colors are the BEST!! I love it and I know that she loves her big girl room...maybe I'll just move into her room!!! :) So cute!!

Shana said...

Oh I am so jealous! It looks like you are one of these people that can do blogs, make hair bows, scrap book, interior design....Is there anything that you can't do? I love those fabrics! Do you want to come decorate Lexi's room? Jennifer is certainly going to have to introduce us sometime!

My name is Shelley Suzanne said...

you are such a crafty