Monday, May 12, 2008

Presley's Preschool Graduation - 2008!


Mommy adjusting her graduation cap for pictures.

It's official! Miss Presley graduated from Circle of Friends Preschool last Thursday evening! The program & graduation was precious. I did pretty good only shedding a tiny tear or two. She did a great job singing & looked adorable too!

Singing during the program part!

Pictures with friends!

Getting her diploma from Mrs. Paul!
The teacher announced what each child wanted to be when they grew up. There were some that wanted to be astronauts, doctors, pharmacists, dentists, teachers, etc. When they announced Presley's name, they said she wanted to be a fairy! I started cracking up... it was too funny! I told one of the mom's next to me that Presley had better marry her son (who wanted to be an astronaut) because fairies don't make that much money & she will need someone to support her! Presley later informed us that she wanted to be a "tooth fairy"!

Presley's Preschool class! Too Cute!

Presley & Reagan have been great friends since they were a year old!

Our family picture with the graduate!

The girls had to twirl around & play for a little while after graduation... Little girls
having a fun time... so precious! They are all great friends!


Nikki said...

100% PRECIOUS!!!

Jenn said...

I love the picture of the girls twirling around...they are all such sweet girls that we are going to miss seeing every Tues. and Thursday next year!! Congrats to sweet Presley!!

Anonymous said...

Lily's favorite things from the party were the exactly same as Presley's! I did have to stop the game of throwing the beach ball in the house when the boys decided to play too - Yikes! I was so sad to see the pictures from graduation. I hate that Lily was sick. Can get a picture of her friends from you to put in her scrapbook?